Analyze / Synthesize an inductor in an Non-epi process.

Step 2: Make a design choice:
Inductor Synthesis
Inductor Analysis

Step 3: Enter Technology data
6 metal levels max ( Help on entering Technology data.)
Layer Name Layer
Layer Prop.
Metal 8 RSH=
ILD 8 K=
Metal 7 RSH=
ILD 7 K=
Metal 6 RSH=
ILD 6 K=
Metal 5 RSH=
ILD 5 K=
Metal 4 RSH=
ILD 4 K=
Metal 3 RSH=
ILD 3 K=
Metal 2 RSH=
ILD 2 K=
Metal 1 RSH=
ILD 1 K=
Poly 0 RSH=
Sub 0 Rho(Ohm-cm)=
Step 4: Enter appropriate Input depending on your design choice.

Input required for Synthesize choice
Desired inductance (nH)
Maximum outer dimension (microns)
Maximum parasitic cap. to gnd shield (fF)
Frequency of operation (GHz)
Half_turn_inductor??Yes No

** This operation takes about 1 min to complete. Please wait..

Input required for Analyze choice
Outer dimension (microns)
Number of turns
Number of strapped metal layers
Width of each turn (microns)
Spacing between turns (microns)

Step 5: Submit your request