COILS: Your Premier Inductor Synthesis and Analysis Software.

Synthesize and analyze spiral inductors in a technology of your choice.

How to use?? As easy as ABC.... Follow steps 1 through 4 and press Submit.
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Step 1 :

Please choose EPI if you use an Epi substrate or
choose NON-EPI if you use bulk substrate.

Technical Details:
1. All designs are intended for on-chip square spiral designs.
2. All designs assume a silicided,metal strapped polysilicon patterned ground shield in 'star' shape and a Metal1 underpass.
A sample shield picture is shown here.
3. Technologies are assumed to be using CMP for all dielectric layers in the back-end. Also all ILD are assumed to be of the same permittivity.
4. The current version assumes Al only or Cu only as metal layers.Cu-Al stacks will result in extra error at high frequencies.
5. The program uses a set of L,C etc parameters and geometry parameters which are defined here.

Complete documentation including theory etc coming very soon....
Comments or suggestions : Please send email to Niranjan Talwalkar